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House Cleaning

House Cleaning

Eve’s House Cleaning specializes in house cleaning. Our squad goes through an extensive routine that covers everything to clean your […]

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are objects we use every day. Sadly, no matter what type of material the carpet is made of, dirt […]

Airbnb Cleaning Service

Airbnb Cleaning Service

Make sure you are doing your best to enjoy those 5-star reviews by the hand of a professional cleaning service […]

Cleaning Services in Las Vegas, NV: Fast, Affordable & Reliable

Eve's House Cleaning

“There’s no place like home,” said Dorothy in the 1939 classic film, “The Wizard of Oz.” She wasn’t wrong. But what she didn’t say was that a clean house is even a more enjoyable one. A clean place can give you the peace you need. Sure thing, we know
that you live a busy life. And it’s hard to come home after working hard to do household chores and cleaning. So, what we advise you to do is to hire a reliable house cleaning company. When it comes to cleaning services in Las Vegas, NV,
Eve’s House Cleaning is the team you need on your side.

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We don’t just say things. Eve’s House Cleaning knows that reputation does not come alone. That is why, since the beginning of our journey, we have used the principles of punctuality, honesty & excellent communication as our guide.

Also, we make sure to back everything up with our quality cleaning solutions. For many years, we’ve offered house, move-out, carpet, and Airbnb cleaning services to the beautiful city of Las Vegas.

Our cleaning team specializes in all types of techniques and procedures that will help us exterminate all the dirt and grime accumulated in your house or office!

Eve's House Cleaning

As the Best Las Vegas Cleaners


When you hire our house cleaning services in Las Vegas, NV, you can be 100% sure we’ll leave your home as neat as a pin, leaving no filth behind. When you come back after a long day at work, you’ll enjoy having a clean house. No other cleaning company
in Las Vegas can match our passion and dedication. Our cleaning services in Las Vegas, NV, cover everything there is to your place’s sanitation and cleaning.

As the Best Las Vegas Cleaners, We Specialize in:

  • Sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming.
  • Cleaning bathrooms & kitchen.
  • Window cleaning.
  • Cleaning walls & ceilings.
  • Cleaning rooms, home offices, apartment cleaning, etc.
  • Emptying and cleaning trash bins.
  • Eliminate odors from pet urine, food/drink spills.

Our crew is attentive to details because we know you want your home to be spotless to the last little corner!

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for same day carpet cleaning services. Click the link below,
and we’ll show you that our carpet cleaning services are quick, affordable, and reliable.

Your home carpet offers terrific benefits. But you can enjoy them all only if you keep your carpet clean. Lucky you since Eve’s House Cleaning offers the best deals

I Need Efficient Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaners in Las Vegas NV

Get Move in Cleaning Services


It’s a beautiful time to have a fresh start. Who wouldn’t like that? But a fresh start can’t happen in a dirty home. And moving is a lot of work. After packing all your stuff and hiring a moving company, it’s unfair that you have to clean the new home
you are moving to. So, here is a surefire way to reduce your stress while planning to move. You should hire reliable, prompt & effective move in cleaning services in Las Vegas, NV. And you should trust your new home
cleaning to none other than Eve’s House Cleaning.

I Need Move-In Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services in Las Vegas, NV: Fast, Affordable & Reliable

A Clean Home for a Clear Mind

Tired of thinking about your cleaning shores? Do you wish for a clean and fresh spot without thinking about sweeping or dusting?

Today is your lucky day! With Eve’s House Cleaning, you will have a spotless and impeccable place for you and your loved ones.

Bonded and insured, we offer our clients various services that will leave your place as clean as a whistle. Our services cover house cleaning, deep cleaning, condo cleaning, apartment cleaning, deep cleaning, moving in-and-out cleaning, tire grout
cleaning, and so much more!

We cover residential services, meaning you can count on us to fulfill your cleaning needs. Whenever you give us a job, we do our best to meet and surpass your standards. We’ll take care of your cleaning shores like no one else can. Call us, and receive
your FREE quote right away!

Cleaning Services in Las Vegas NV

Condo Cleaning

Condo Cleaning

Condominiums are places of luxury and elegance, and it’s best to keep them that way. Eve’s House Cleaning counts on […]

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Apartment Cleaning

Apartment Cleaning

Apartments give us a sense of independence without paying as much as we would with a mortgage. That is why […]

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Vacant Property Cleaning

Vacant Property Cleaning

A vacant home does not mean it is maintenance-free. Keeping your place well-kept, empty or not, requires you to take […]

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Fill Your Place with Happiness and Cleanliness

We specialize in residential services, ensuring exceptional support for your home needs. Each project you entrust to us is handled with the utmost dedication to exceed your expectations. Our unique approach to cleaning tasks sets us apart. Contact us now to get your complimentary quote immediately!

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