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Does Lysol Kill Dust Mites

Does Lysol Kill Dust Mites? Find Out Here!

Dust mites can be the nightmare of every homeowner. Not only do they make life miserable to allergy sufferers, but they are also super tiny as well. Unfortunately, getting rid of them is not as simple as it may seem. That’s why it’s common to wonder the following: does Lysol kill dust mites? Don’t worry, […]

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How to Clean Your House Fast

How to Clean Your House Fast: Step by Step Tutorial

Whether you like cleaning or even if you dislike cleaning your house, the truth is that everyone loves a clean house. If you are in charge of cleaning your home, you probably are wondering how to clean your house fast because you don’t want this to take you forever. You might wonder about what’s the […]

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Blond Woman Lying Down on a Soft and Clean Carpet

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Your home carpet offers terrific benefits. But you can enjoy them all only if you keep your carpet clean. Yes. You guessed it. Today, we’ll tell you the benefits of professional carpet cleaning. If you installed carpeted floors in your home is because you love it. It is because you have read all the benefits […]

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Hospital Grade Disinfectant

Why Professionals Use Hospital Grade Disinfectant for COVID-19?

With the whole COVID-19 pandemic, professional cleaning companies need to count on the best cleaning solutions available out there. And one of these solutions is using hospital grade disinfectant. In particular, here at Eve’s House Cleaning, we’ve started to use the special agent Misty Biodet ND64. Being EPA registered, this product is a bactericidal, fungicidal, […]

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Ultimate guide to carpet cleaning

Keeping Your Carpets in Top Shape with this Guide to Carpet Cleaning

Carpets help in providing a warm and cozy environment at home. But, they can get dirty over time. If you always want a healthy environment at home, then it is vital that you keep your carpets in top shape. For the best methods on how to take care of your carpets, continue reading this guide […]

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Cleaning Service Team at Work in the Kitchen—Benefits of Home Cleaning Services

Benefits of Home Cleaning Services

Are you a busy parent with three kids? Or maybe you get home late and tired because you are a busy bee. So, when you get home you don’t have the time and energy to clean the house. Naturally, we all love to live in clean spaces. A clean house is crucial for health, safety, […]

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