Move in – Move Out Cleaning Service

Move in – Move Out Cleaning Service

Whether you are moving in or out of any building space or just got into a new home, a move in move out cleaning service is perfect for you. Both guarantee a fresh start in a totally clean place.

In this article, you will find facts, an estimate of how much a service might cost, and the great benefits you can get. Read on to learn more!

Importance of Move In Cleaning Service

Moving into a house is the sign of a fresh start, a new beginning. There is a lot to organize before the move.  Such as cleaning and preparing the new house for the new furniture and new owners.  You will probably have the possibility and the energy to take a trip to the new house to prepare it for the move.

Eves House can deal with this for you! Our specialist cleaning group will completely clean your new house before you move in to ensure everything is in top condition for yourself and your loved ones.

Whether your new home is new or has been moderately all around kept and needs a General Cleaning, or has been extremely using and needs a careful Top-to-Bottom Deep Cleaning, we can do everything. As a result, you will have a very disinfected and deep-cleaned area.

Move Out Cleaning Service

moving out cleaning service

An exhaustive move-out cleaning might be foreseen as a piece of a rent or deal understanding. It could be a significant piece of safeguarding your security store on the off chance that you are leaving an investment property. To ensure that the task is done correctly, you might contact us and let our professionals take care of them.

Tips to Do a Good Move in – Move out Cleaning

Ceiling Cleaning

This cleaning task should be done dry unless you notice any kind of stain. If that is the case, you can climb a ladder for a more thorough cleaning using a damp cloth.

Above all, be very careful not to hit the moldings and, in case you have to climb a bench or a ladder, always do it prioritizing your safety.


Generally, we will be able to do this work in dry, but in the same way, if you observe stains, you can wet the cloth without any problem.

If this is not your case, you can proceed with the same as with the ceilings, that is to say, with a broom and a good rag on its end, we will be able to leave them shining.

Ventilation and heating systems

In air conditioners, you must open the front door to remove the filter and clean it thoroughly.

Most air conditioners will allow you to wash it with water directly, so you just have to let it dry and you can put it back again with the assurance that it will work perfectly.

It is also very important to clean the grilles and all the debris that may have accumulated, both in appliances and grilles on the wall or even in the radiators, if any.


cleaning furniture

If your new house already has furniture, depending on the material the furniture is made of, a different product will be recommended, although in most cases a simple product for wooden furniture and a good quality cloth will do.

Remember to clean the furniture on the top and back, as these areas are often left forgotten. As a result, you will have furniture free of dirt.

In case you bring your own furniture, we recommend that you clean it before packing it and hire a moving company to avoid damaging the wood.


When cleaning the windows, you should clean the frames and glass, for which you can use a cleaning product such as glass cleaner.

However, if you can’t get the shine you want on the glass, you can mix a little white vinegar with hot water and rub it with paper, and the results were excellent.

If you need more tips to clean your windows, you check our blog on How to Remove Hard Water Stains from Glass.

Bathroom & Kitchen

cleaning bathroom

Both the bathroom and the kitchen are the places to pay more attention. Since in addition to cleaning, it is very important to disinfect in depth.

Clean everything with disinfectant products either special products for cleaning bathrooms or with a mixture of ammonia and water.  In the case of the kitchen, you will need a quality grease remover if there are greasy areas, such as in the extractor hood.

How much does it cost for a move-in move-out cleaning service?

moving out/in cleaning service budget

Budgeting for a move can be tricky. You have to make sure everything is right, and cleaning is something you should budget for rather than do yourself. The cost of these services will vary depending on a number of factors. The square footage of the home and its location are the two big factors that will influence the price.

Remember, it’s important to get a quote from a local cleaning service that covers your area. Eves House Cleaning offers free estimates to help you get the perfect budget.

Hire Professional Services!

Even with cleaning lists, it may seem very easy to clean an area. However, to see great results, you need to hire experts.

At Eves House, we have the most certified staff in town. Our specialists along with the best products and tools will guarantee complete satisfaction in the results.