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Almost twenty years ago, a family decided to embark on the journey of starting a cleaning services company. This company was then baptized with the name of Eve’s House Cleaning in the city of Las Vegas, NV. Since 2000, we have always had a goal in our minds: bringing our clients a clean and sanitary environment that will fill them with joy and pleasure.

Eve’s House Cleaning is a Spanish-speaking company, with highly trained and experienced personnel by our side. Ever since our beginnings, we have had the principles of excellent communication, punctuality, and reliability as our guide. We are experts in the art of proper cleaning.

What differentiates our team from the rest of our competition is the high-quality results we deliver to our clients. Our team focuses on the whole cleaning process, from beginning to end. We count on the best green equipment and techniques for the job. Your place will receive the cleansing it deserves, leaving you with a calm and sanitized ambiance.

Eve's House Cleaning