Why Professionals Use Hospital Grade Disinfectant for COVID-19?

Why Professionals Use Hospital Grade Disinfectant for COVID-19?

With the whole COVID-19 pandemic, professional cleaning companies need to count on the best cleaning solutions available out there. And one of these solutions is using hospital grade disinfectant.

In particular, here at Eve’s House Cleaning, we’ve started to use the special agent Misty Biodet ND64. Being EPA registered, this product is a bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal, and even a mildewstat! In fact, this product has helped with the prevention of the Ebola virus.

That’s why today we’ll show you how these disinfectants can be the real game-changer by hindering the coronavirus spread.

What’s the Charm Behind Hospital Grade Disinfectant?

When professionals use these disinfectants, they make sure that environmental surfaces are germ-free. By cleaning and disinfecting with this cleaner, they make sure that even food contact surfaces are safe to use.

With times like these, cleaning companies must keep on top of the game when performing their services.

Here are four reasons why we use Biodet ND64 as our hospital grade disinfectant:

  1. Prevents and controls cross-contamination.
  2. Promotes a healthy work environment.
  3. It’s incredibly versatile.
  4. It disinfects to a higher grade compared to soap.

Let’s take a better look at each reason:

Prevents and Controls Cross-Contamination

Being among the most common ways diseases spread, cross-contamination can happen when people transfer pathogens, and they’re not even aware of it. Here’s a quick video in which a doctor explains how easily this type of phenomenon takes place:

As you can see, cross-contamination can happen a lot. From doorknobs to light switches, germs can be in anything you touch.

Of course, one of the key actions to prevent this type of contamination is by washing your hands thoroughly. However, people tend to forget the importance of cleaning high-touch surfaces as well. This is where hospital-grade disinfectants come into play.

When we use ND64 as our surface cleaner, we ensure hygiene and infection control in the areas we clean. By following the right routine and procedures, this disinfectant kills any harmful pathogens that can bring you harm.

Promotes a Healthy Work Environment

Germ-Free Work Environment

Although many companies have sent their employees to work from home, not ALL companies have that option. For this reason, employers must provide a clean work environment that helps people keep safe during these times.

We all know how a healthy and clean office can boost up productivity. Not only that, but you can also be sure that employees will be safe while working.

When companies hire cleaning experts that use certified antiseptics, employers promote a healthy and safe space that meets the optimal conditions for working. In fact, you can be sure that your office will be free of harmful pathogens such as pseudomonas aeruginosa and staphylococcus aureus.

This Hospital Grade Disinfectant Is Incredibly Versatile

ND64 Disinfectant Use on Many Surfaces

Did you know that, under the right conditions, germs can double their numbers in less than 20 minutes? With the coronavirus being able to survive in all sorts of surfaces for days, cleaning companies must count on the right agent that can effectively remove it.

That’s why we use ND64. This disinfectant can be applied to all types of hard, nonporous, environmental surfaces. Among these surfaces, we have walls, floors, vanity tops, shower stalls, bathtubs, cabinets, plastic surfaces, stainless steel, metal surfaces, glazed porcelain, ceramic tiles, and even glazed porch!

This cleaning product is also used for our expert cleaners to deodorizing those areas that are hard to keep smelling fresh. So, we’re careful and thorough when cleaning garbage storage areas, empty garbage bins/cans, toilet bowls, and other areas that are odor prone!

Also, we carefully use Misty Biodet ND64 for cleaning and disinfecting areas in different types of businesses we serve. For instance, we use it when sanitizing hotels, schools, restaurants, food processing plants, and health clinics.

Biodet ND64 Disinfects to a Higher Grade Compared to Normal Soap

There is a big distinction when comparing cleaning and disinfecting. Even though they are way different, cleaning serves as a stepping stone for effective disinfecting.

So, let’s see what is cleaning.

Cleaning means physically removing germs, dirt, impurities, and organic matter from surfaces and objects. Cleaning is done with water, soap, and detergents.

This process alone doesn’t kill germs, but it lowers illness-causing pathogens and bacteria. In simpler words, it lowers the risk of spreading infection.

Coronaviruses, specifically, are enveloped by a layer that is highly susceptible to the properties of soap. So, washing your hands and surfaces properly with soap is a great start.

But cleaning can not do it all. That’s why we can close the deal with disinfecting.

Disinfecting kills all germs (virus, bacteria & mold) from surfaces and objects. Disinfecting works by using chemicals like the now-famous Misty Biodet ND64.

A combination of cleaning and disinfection will be most effective in removing the COVID-19 virus and killing other pathogens.

Cleaning surfaces with soap/detergent and water reduces the soil, dirt load, allowing the disinfectant to work and kill this novel virus.

The disinfectant may not kill the virus if the surface has not been cleaned with a detergent first.

Warning: Professional Use Only!

Hospital Grade Disinfectant Safety Wear

“Desperate times call for strong cleaning products.” Well, at least that’s how we see it with the Coronavirus putting the world to the verge.

Recently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we did have to set the bar high. We began to use stronger disinfectant products, such as Biodet ND64.

So, here is our advice to homeowners/business owners: Don’t use Misty Biodet ND64 and other hospital grade disinfectants. Only professionals should handle such strong cleaners!

Here is how our crew of cleaners handle this effective hospital grade cleaner:

  • They wear eye protection and masks to avoid getting small amounts splashed into their eyes and avoid breathing it.
  • Our cleaners wear protective gloves.
  • They wash their hands before and after they finish cleaning.
  • After handling, our crew proceeds to wash their skins thoroughly.


Make sure that whenever you hire a professional cleaner to clean your home, business, or office, they use strong cleaners to sanitize all surfaces. Of course, those products should be certified by the Environmental Protection Agency.

But remember that it doesn’t matter how strong are the disinfectants that house or office cleaning crews use. What really leaves the COVID-19 in checkmate is the combination of cleaning and disinfection.

Here at Eve’s House Cleaning, we are taking all COVID-19 safety measures. For us, health is the most important thing; our priority is to ensure the safety of our clients and our team.

All of our workers are taking the necessary measures to prevent the COVID-19 from spreading further.

Stay safe, stay home, and help us mitigate the spread of this darned virus!