Want a Smelling Fresh Home? Learn How to Deodorize Carpet Here

How to Deodorize Carpet

A smelly carpet is certainly something that can give a bad impression of your home. However, there are many ways in how to deodorize carpet. Today, we’ll teach you some of these methods. That way, you can be sure that the next time someone spills something onto your carpet, then you won’t need to worry about carpet smells no more.

What Can Cause Your Carpet to Have a Bad Odor ?

Causes of Smelly Carpets

Let’s face it: carpet smells are the worst.

They’re something almost inevitable, even though you may vacuum your carpet from time to time. It’s only natural to want to know the right way to tackle this problem. However, along with knowing the right way to handle carpet odors, you must also know the main culprits behind them.

First, it’s essential to know everything that comes along with the smell. Is it a strong smell or a faint one? Do you see stains on your carpet as well? How long have you been experiencing this smell?

After answering these questions, it’s very likely that you’ll identify the main culprit behind it. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to choose the right method to handle it as well.

There are many factors that can make your carpet smelly. For instance, if you’re a pet owner and your carpet has a pungent smell, the chances that your pet peed on your carpet are very high.

Additionally, other reasons that can make your carpet smelly include mold, dirt, or even neglecting cleaning it for a very long time.

Which Are the Main Ways in How to Deodorize Carpet?

Luckily, cleaning and deodorizing your carpet is much easier than what you might think. Most of the methods we present further on in this blog use items that you might find on your home, such as baking soda, white vinegar, and even vodka!

Get rid of the smell by following these methods in how to deodorize carpet:

  • Mix two cups of baking soda with essential oils.
  • Allow vodka to sit on your carpet for 15 minutes.
  • Use a spray bottle with white vinegar and warm water.
  • Try carpet shampoos for persistent carpet odors.

Mix Two Cups of Baking Soda with Essential Oils

Baking Soda and Essential Oils on Carpet

Baking soda is at the top tier of household cleaning products. It’s easy to find, affordable, and works great at cleaning any type of surface, from your bathroom sink to your stovetop. This makes carpets no exception.

We then have essential oils. These oils have started to gain popularity in recent years due to their soothing effects. They can help your body relax and even reduce headaches! By combining baking soda and essential oils, you have the perfect homemade carpet cleaning solution with a fresh scent that helps deodorize your carpet.

When using this method, start by mixing thoroughly 15 drops of essential oil with 2 cups of baking soda. Then, apply the mixture to your carpet. The time you’ll leave it sitting depends on how strong the smell is. In case your carpet has a mild smell, an hour will do. However, if it’s a strong smell, consider leaving the mixture overnight.

Finally, vacuum your carpet once you’re done to remove the solution.

Choosing the right essential oil is key if you want to follow this method. You’ll want to choose an oil that will suit the house and won’t do harm to your family members and pets.

If you’re a cat owner, stay away from citrus scents. In case you’re a dog owner, then refrain from using strong scents such as peppermint and cinnamon. Some great scents that can suit everyone and are our personal favorite include lavender and grapefruit.

Allow Vodka Sit on Your Carpet for 15 Minutes

Vodka for Carpet Cleaning

If your carpet counts on stains , then another great method in how to deodorize carpets includes using flavorless vodka.

Vodka helps remove hard stains as well as eliminating odors since it kills any bacteria that’s on its way. With that being said, vodka works great for pet urine spots and other strong odors.

When using vodka, you’ll want to do spot cleaning. First, dampen up a soft cloth with the vodka. Then, gently pat the stain. Avoid rubbing the stain as it will only make the stain worse. You can also spray it over the spot in case it’s a deep stain.

After that, you’ll want to allow the vodka to sit in for a couple of minutes. Again, in case you’re dealing with a deep stain, then leave it to sit for a longer time. It can be for 15 to 20 minutes.

Then, use paper towels to absorb the vodka from the carpet. Feel free to use baking soda as well to dry up the spot. Lastly, use a vacuum carpet cleaner to finish it off.

Use a Spray Bottle with White Vinegar and Warm Water

Spraying White Vinegar on Smelly Carpet

Does your carpet have a musty smell?

Then what you need is some white vinegar! Musty smells usually come from mildew that’s growing on the carpet fibers. Luckily, the best way to get rid of mildew is by using a solution of white vinegar and warm water.

Start by mixing two cups of water with one cup of vinegar. You can also put a little bit of baking soda onto the solution for better results. Then, spray the solution onto the whole carpet and allow it to air dry.

One key thing to keep in mind is to NOT soak the carpet with the cleaning solution. If you do so, you’ll only end up increasing the moisture on your carpet. Therefore, this translates into more mold growth.

Opt for Carpet Shampoos for Persistent Carpet Odors

Carpet Shampoo for Strong Odors

Lastly, if your carpet keeps smelling after trying all of these methods, then we highly recommend you to shampoo your carpet. When you opt for a carpet shampoo, you’ll have the deep clean it needs.

Bear in mind that shampooing your carpet can be very difficult for beginners. It will certainly take you lots of time and equipment. For this reason, we suggest you count on a professional by your side for this method. After all, professional carpet cleaning can make your carpet look brand new!

How to Keep Your Carpet Smells Away and Maintain Your Home Smelling Fresh

Methods to Avoid Carpet Odor

As you can see, cleaning your carpet can sometimes be a lengthy process. That’s why you must know the main way to prevent your carpet from smelling bad ever again.

If you want you home to smell fresh at all times, then you must do the following:

  • Don’t wait too long to clean your carpets
  • Avoid using colored cloths and harsh chemicals
  • Keep vacuuming the carpet on a regular basis
  • Have good ventilation in the room where your carpets are.

Now that you know the main techniques in how to deodorize carpet, you’ll now be able to clean it yourself. Remember that if you decide to shampoo your carpets to opt for professionals to handle the job.