How to Clean Your House Fast: Efficient House Cleaning Tips

How to Clean Your House Fast: Step by Step Tutorial

Whether you like cleaning or even if you dislike cleaning your house, the truth is that everyone loves a clean house. If you are in charge of cleaning your home, you probably are wondering how to clean your house fast because you don’t want this to take you forever.

You might wonder about what’s the best way to clean your house fast, so today we took some time to give you some useful tips.

Prevent the Spread of the Novel Coronavirus with Cleaning

Why being able of cleaning your home fast and effectively is such a big thing during this uncertain time?

The spread of the new coronavirus has driven everybody in the U.S. to stay home and implement social distancing.

So, for people around the world during the COVID-19 quarantine, their homes are their haven. And homes don’t only protect people.

We bet that for you, your home is now your office, your school, your gym, movie theater, restaurant, and pretty much your world.

But, if you’re going to be quarantined in your home for a long time (probably months), make sure your space is sanitized, and the enemy virus out should be top of mind.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s vital (more than ever) to keep your home clean and disinfected. In this way, you’ll keep your loved ones healthy, which will help reduce the spread of the virus.

Also, by ensuring a sanitized home environment, you and your loved ones will feel comfortable, safe, and happy.

You’ll be able to enjoy time together with your family to the fullest, and this lockdown period won’t be as dull and stressful.

Make sure your space is beautiful, tidy, open, and functional so that you can do your everyday activities without any inconveniences.

Now that we’re talking about the gruesome and cruel COVID-19 pandemic, we would love if you watch this video by the World Health Organization (WHO):

Coronavirus: Seven Steps to Prevent the Spread of the Virus

So, keep calm and stay safe. Try to help others as much as you can. And follow all the steps in the video to help us to reduce the spread of the virus.

How to Clean Your House Fast: 8 Efficient House Cleaning Tips

Believe it or now, cleaning can help you stay calm while at the same time staying safe. For this reason, today we’ll show you some major cleaning hacks that’ll leave your home fresh and clean.

These are 8 top tips in how to clean your house:

  • Get rid of rubbish lying around the house
  • Make your bed and arrange sofa pillows
  • Collect the Small Things (Order Them)
  • Start Cleaning Surfaces
  • Clean the Bathroom
  • Clean Your Windows and Mirrors
  • Mop, Vacuum, Clean the Floors
  • Add Natural Room Scents

Let’s go over each of these tips for you to get a better picture:

Get Rid of All of the Rubbish and Gather Houseware Lying Around

Woman Emptying the Kitchen Bin

The first tip for cleaning your home fast is to get rid of the rubbish and items lying around.

You can have two bags: one for rubbish/garbage and other for recyclable things. Make sure to empty the bins in your bathroom, kitchen, and all the bins you have at home.

This will make a huge difference. Quite similarly, make sure to take away any plates, cups, bowls, etc. that are lying around your house. You can put them straight in the dishwasher or the sink.

Even if you don’t start washing them right away, getting houseware items off of the surfaces is of big help.

You can also put your belongings where they should be, to reduce obstruction at the time of cleaning.

Arrange Your Sofa Pillows & Make Your Bed

The next tip is to tackle the big things like your couch or your bed. These two things will make the most significant impact on your place. Having a tidy couch and a neat bed will make your home look clean and beautiful.

This step is straightforward. You just need to rearrange your couch cushions or pull your bed sheets, making it look a bit tidier.

You can change your bed sheets if you have time. This house cleaning tip will help you tidy in a hurry if someone’s coming over quickly.

Collect the Small Things (Order Them)

Make sure to collect and order all of the smaller items that you might have scattered all around the house, in your furniture, tables, or countertops. But don’t try to put all your stuff in the right place since it can take a while. Remember that this is a tutorial on how to clean your house fast, so we should maximize time and no thoroughness. So, our advice is that you put the bigger things back to their place. And you can get a basket, box, or bag to put the little things in it or the stuff that you’re not sure where it should go. Then, of course, save the basket, bag, or box inside your room or in another place where your visitors don’t notice it.

Start Cleaning Surfaces

Woman Wiping Dust from the Table with a Microfiber Cloth Now that you cleared most surfaces, it’s time to clean them. It’s time for dusting, disinfecting, and make every table, furniture, and countertop in your home sparkly clean. We advise you to take a microfiber cloth and use a cleaner for windows or glass, one for wood, and if you happen to have metal cabinets, you can use a stainless steel cleaner, too. I believe that most households have these three cleaning products. So, it’s time to wipe the dust from your TV, picture frames, tables, clean the rings on your desk from your coffee mug, and dusting chairs, and shelves. And don’t forget to clean mirrors and windows. When wiping them, you should use one damp microfiber cloth first. Then, it would be best if you used a dry cloth to leave these surfaces impeccable. Also, clean your kitchen countertops and cabinets. Don’t forget to remove those cobwebs from your ceiling fans. For hard-to-reach areas like fans, blinds, upper shelves, you need to use a broom. You can use the bare broom brush, or you can tie a microfiber cloth so you can dust and remove ugly spider’s webs. Cleaning the surfaces is one of the best ways to clean your house in a hurry. It makes your house look clean and neat. And the best of all is that you can get it done in ten to fifteen minutes.

Clean the Bathroom

Woman Cleaning the Bathroom Sink with a Damp Cloth One of the areas that you need to clean if you have guests coming over is your bathroom. They might use it. Since we know that cleaning the bathroom thoroughly (washing the floor and walls) can take a while, we won’t address that in here since this is our tutorial on how to clean your house fast. So, it’s a great idea to go in and wipe down the sink, the faucets, the toilet handle, and the tap. You can also add some cleaning liquid into the toilet to make it look cleaner. And you can use a spray air freshener to make to the bathroom smell pleasant.

Mop, Vacuum, Clean the Floors

Well, you know this post is all about speed cleaning. As the quick version of how cleaning a house, not everything should end up spotless. This is more about saving time and being ready to receive your guests. Depending on the type of floor you have, you’ll have to mop or vacuum. If you have carpet floors, it would be awesome that you vacuum them quickly with a carpet sweeper. It doesn’t have to be exhaustive. Instead, it would be best if you made sure to pick up food scraps, pieces of fluff & dust off the carpet. If you have ceramic, porcelain, or marble floors, mop the floor with a slightly damp mop. You don’t need to move your furniture because doing so will take some precious time. Instead, go around furniture, removing dust. By now, your home will look ready to receive unexpected guests. So, that’s pretty much it. These were the steps for cleaning your house in a hurry. Good luck!

Add Natural Room Scents

Man Adding Essential Oil into Diffuser Well, a clean house should also smell good. This is kind of the final touch to make your home smell nice and feel more inviting. It’s a good idea to light a scented candle or put your essential oil diffuser to disperse your favorite natural fragrance into the air. Even though these are not natural scents, you can spray some air freshener or plug in your favorite electric air freshener. In the end, they’ll make your home smell of roses. After this super-fast tidying and cleaning, there is no doubt that your guest will feel welcomed. Having a clean home will make you comfortable because people will see how neat you are. And at the same time, your visitors will enjoy spending time with you. That’s all for today. But we promise we’ll keep creating good content so that you can learn some of our house cleaning tips and tricks. Till next time!